At Djarum, we view our people as the foundation of our success. We look for people who have a passion for progress, combined with key qualities of humility, dedication and sincerity. These are the values have enabled us to work harmoniously yet dynamically over the past six decades, generating real progress and products.

Working at Djarum

Many people join Djarum as a career and discover that they have found a home. We do our best to nurture, support and guide our employees development. We do this within the disciplined structure of a long-standing organization, one with clear benchmarks and values including a dedication to quality and a conscious commitment to the community.  More

Career Opportunities

Joining Djarum is an exciting opportunity to be part of one of Indonesia′s largest and most established companies, one with a competitive national and international presence and a reputation for high quality products. We are always on the lookout for talented personnel who would be a good fit with our values and needs More


The attention of the PT DJARUM has been drawn to the fake recruitment campaign presently being undertaken by unscrupulous and unauthorized persons purportedly on behalf of PT DJARUM. PT DJARUM absolutely dissociates itself from this false recruitment campaign and purported offers of employment to Indonesian nationals published through the Internet, mobile line or by any other means. Due to the growing numbers of deceptive job advertisements, PT DJARUM hereby wishes to caution job seekers to exercise vigilance when applying for positions that do not come from PT DJARUM's official job website and that require jobseekers to pay certain amount of money or fees. In consideration of this fact, PT DJARUM hereby wishes to notify jobseekers and the public that:

  • PT DJARUM never asks for any kind of money deposit or payments from applicants in Indonesia, at any point in the recruitment process.
  • All individuals who are eventually hired by PT DJARUM are always required to go through a formal selection process.
  • All communication with applicants must come from a verifiable PT DJARUM email address or dedicated mobile content provider and not from an Internet address such as hotmail, yahoo, gmail or random mobile line numbers, etc.
  • Job vacancies in PT DJARUM are advertised in widely circulated national newspapers and notable job websites in Indonesia.
  • Where vacancies exist, candidates are normally required to apply online solely through our dedicated secured network on our job website or notable job websites licensed by PT DJARUM.
  • PT DJARUM does not and will not ask for any kind of payment from applicants for jobs or its prospective employees for any reason before, during and after the selection process.
  • PT DJARUM job offers do not come from organizations falsely pretending to recruit on behalf of PT DJARUM or by people claiming to work for, or be affiliated to PT DJARUM.
  • Suspicious "employers" or "employment agencies" should be reported to appropriate law enforcement agencies.