Sport Initiatives

Sport is one of the key factors that contributed to the character development of an individual. In addition to help maintaining a healthy body, sport also helps in improving one’s ability to strategize, to have champion-like mentality, and good sportsmanship conduct. Since 1969, Djarum has actively supporting badminton which is one of Indonesia’s national sports and made Indonesia known and more famous in the world. One of our achievements is that since 1992, 11 badminton athletes from PB Djarum had succeeded in obtaining medals in the Olympics. Through Djarum Badminton Scholarship Program, various trainings are given to young athletes that have passed General and Special Auditions of PB Djarum. They will be participated in the training to strengthen the country in various domestic and international-scale competitions. In addition, to maximize the potential of coaches and young athletes throughout Indonesia, PB Djarum also held series of coaching clinics conducted by our very own legendary coaches and athletes.

Key facts

  • Since 1969 Djarum has actively supported badminton, arguably Indonesia's best sport.
  • Since 1992, eleven PB Djarum athletes have scored Olympic medals for the nation, a record to be proud of.

Today, Djarum Foundation awards full badminton scholarships to qualified candidates sourced through nationwide auditions. The Djarum Badminton Scholarship provides full access to a highly sophisticated training facility that is overseen by top-notch coaches and equipped with world-class gear. It also provides sponsorships for athletes to compete in both national and international tournaments. Athletes enjoy comfortable, modern dormitories with access to a library, fitness center and a cafeteria with healthy, balanced meals, in an atmosphere that is conducive to schooling, training and overall development.

It is our hope that these candidates will strengthen Indonesia to compete in sport at an international level sport, for the glory of Indonesian badminton and improved national character.

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  • PB Djarum public auditions find talented athletes from all over Indonesia

  • Praveen Jordan/Debby Susanto (PB Djarum) win Mixed Doubles 2016 All England

  • Tontowi Ahmad/Liliyana Natsir (PB Djarum) win Olympic Games Gold 2016

  • Tontowi Ahmad/Liliyana Natsir (PB Djarum) win Mixed Doubles 2012, 2013, 2014 All England titles consecutively

  • Djarum Badminton All Stars: Indonesia's legendary players pass on their knowledge to beginner athletes and trainers

  • Nine PB Djarum athletes have won medals at the Olympics since 1992

  • Moh. Ahsan (PB Djarum)/Hendra Setiawan win Men Singles 2013 BWF World Championship and 2013 BWF World Super Series Finals titles

  • Badminton Coaching Clinic in various cities throughout Indonesia

  • Badminton Journalism Training for Students to enhance their skills and knowledge in sports news reporting