Kretek Museum

Located on 155 Getas Pejaten Street, Kudus, The Kretek Museum commemorates the history of the kretek industry from its birth in 1880 up to the present day. The two-hectare complex offers visitors a one-stop kretek adventure. Visitors can learn about the history and manufacture of kretek, from the cultivation and harvesting of tobacco to the manufacturing process to the finished product.

Photographs and exhibits recount the evolution of the industry from the early days of M. Nitisem'rto. father of the kretek industry. to the mass-production of today. Antique rolling machines and traditional wrapper materials such as comhusks are also on display. along with works of art from artists in Kudus.

Guests also have a chance to experience the traditional atmosphere of Kudus on this site. Two standalone buildings in front of the museum exemplify the distinctive architecture of a traditional Kudus home and prayer-house.

Djarum is a major contributor to the development and operational costs of this museum. This brainchild of former Central Java governor Supardjo Rustam officially opened on October 3, 1986.