Enjoying Kretek Cigarette

A kretek smoke is a ritual. For some it is an aid to relaxation, while others use it as a social icebreaker. Yet others treasure their kretek as a luxury indulgence, to be brought out on special occasions such as festivals and celebrations. Just as kretek lends itself to endless variation, so to do the methods of savoring it.

"My favorite time of day to enjoy a kretek is first thing with my morning cup of coffee." - Mark Hanusz, author of Kretek, the Culture and Heritage of Indonesia's Clove Cigarettes.

"Smoking kretek helps me calm down. I don't know what smoking does for other people but that's the effect it has on me." - Pramoedya Ananata Toer, Indonesia's foremost author.

"I have smoked Djarum Super since 1987 and since then, I have felt that it's an innovative cigarette because of its lovely sweet taste. It is not too hot nor spicy on the throat. Furthermore as a filtered kretek, it does not sprinkle specks of hot ash onto the shirt." - Butet Kartaredjasa, artist and comedian.