Educational Initiatives

Djarum Foundation consistently strives to generate potential future leader for Indonesia by providing scholarships for the best students of various universities across Indonesia in terms of academic, leadership, and interpersonal skills and abilities. Djarum Scholarship Plus Program offered financial support as well as soft skill trainings to develop their leadership capability and intellectual competence. With this, they are expected to be able to broaden their knowledge and education, as well as equip them with the required intellectual and emotional quotients in order to toughen the nation amid the future challenges. Moreover, Djarum Foundation also strives to improve the quality of vocational school’s graduates through the development of several competency packages in various vocational schools in Kudus, Central Java. It is expected that the graduates of these schools will have the skills required for their field of work and will be able to empower the society’s economic condition in the future.

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  • Nation Building activities give Djarum Scholarship Plus awardees a deeper understanding of the meaning and the essence of our nation through talk shows, cultural visits and performing arts

  • Character Building training strengthens Djarum Scholarship Plus awardees' motivation and creates team strength

  • Series of trainings that will form Djarum Beasiswa Plus awardees into a visionary leader with excellent communication and motivation skills

  • Debate competitions sharpen the ability of the Djarum Scholarship Plus awardees to communicate and defend their opinions

  • Support and facilitate Djarum Beasiswa Plus awardees to represent Indonesia in various International conferences and competitions.

  • Enabling Djarum Beasiswa Plus awardees to commit in making a positive and sustained difference in their community.

  • Through Writing Competitions, Djarum Scholarship Plus awardees develop the ability to express their creativity in writing