Cultural Initiatives

Indonesia is rich with its cultural diversity. This diversity is one of our assets that must be explored and developed in order to improve the nation’s unity in diversity spirit. Djarum Cultural Appreciation Program contributes in nurturing relationships in order to keep on supporting and improving public's appreciation towards Indonesian culture as well as their sense of creativity. Since 1992, it has supported thousands of cultural exhibitions and performances. It is expected that there will be more outlets to express and appreciate cultures in the future that leads to an improvement in interaction between cultures. Showing affection towards the nation's cultures is a form of pride and love to Indonesia, because our cultures are the uniting factor of our nation. Cinta Budaya, Cinta Indonesia.

For further information on Djarum Cultural Initiatives, please visit:

  • Galeri Indonesia Kaya, a cultural art center built by Djarum foundation to support and appreciate Indonesia's artistic traditions

  • 150-Seat state-of-the art amphitheater auditorium built to fulfill the need of the rich and diverse Indonesia cultural show

  • The augmented reality features of "Arungi Indonesia" allow you to "fly" around Indonesia by tapping tourism spots on the screen

  • Indonesia Exploride Friends share their knowledge of Indonesian culture

  • All the art workers supporting Beta Cinta Indonesia by Kinarya Guruh Soekarno Putra

  • Shadow puppets (wayang orang) in a contemporary form

  • John H. McGlynn, Mira Lesmana, Dewi Lestari, and Putu Wijaya speak at the Modern Library of Indonesia Book Series launching and talk show