Community Contributions Initiatives

Philosophy of Djarum came from our very own traditional wisdom and culture, namely mutual cooperation, harmony and empathy, as well as togetherness, which all are integrated into our Company’s activities. As time passes, the activities transform into various programs which support the improvement and empowerment of society nearby its operational area. Some of the activities are building infiltration wells to preserve the supply of clean water; free cataract surgeries to reduce blindness rate and maintaining the people’s productivity; community empowerment in preventing and extinguishing fire, which aimed to protect their properties and lives from fire incidents; as well as empowerment and training for local communities in eradicating Aedes aegypti’s breeding habitat, to prevent the threat of Dengue Fever disease, and improving orphanage buildings in Kudus to be cleaner, healthier and more comfortable. In addition, activities are carried out to improve the children’s and the orphanage management’s soft skills.  Djarum’s Social Contribution Program will continue to operate, with the aim of increase the community’s ability to achieve prosperity.

  • Free Cataract Operations to decrease the rate of blindness in Central Java

  • Eradication of mosquito nesting places encourages residents to actively participate in reducing cases of dengue fever

  • Routine Djarum employee blood drives raises social consciousness and helps others

  • Fire-prevention and safety training to local resident to minimize fire disaster in Jakarta rural area

  • Construction of Infiltration well and storage tanks to secure drinking water supply during dry season